I am Dexter. Also known as Fyah13. The lead singer Fah Redemption. I have been performing and singing since the age of 10. I am a reflector of  THE TRUE spirits. Dere is no power greater than the songs of music. I ahve had the pleasure of playing wid some very real peopl. Such ; Steve Pulley playing bass and vocal baack up. Pedro Meza on Rhythme Guitar . Anative from Chile. Very awesome individual. Rick ,a brotha from Chi-town wid great ambitions also on bass. Harold ,a lead guitarist wid style.Great sound come form his Lead Guitar. Calvin,a drummer with passion. Rebakah. Her sound was like an angelic angel in the Heavens. Ebony . A girl that can get yah up out off yah seat and dance. All these tools were very essential in the rise of RedemptionBM1. OUR MISSION WAS TA SHOW YAH THAT REGGAE IS HERE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Now wid some new members such as : Becky on Rhythme Guitar,Steve Pulley on Bass,Scott the Amazin Chazen on Drums,Jessica female lead vocalist,Tom Aka Mr. Magic on Lead Guitar,And Yours Truly on Percussion and Lead male vocalist are ready once again ta rock the mic. So wait watch and listen . Where coming !!! And where not going ta stop !!! Respect.
  Hi,I'm Dexter. One of the lead singers/Conga players. I love to sing all songs but my specialties is reggae music. I've been singing for over 30 years. Some say from the labor unit till now. But the jury is still out on that.